Instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA) of the European Union

Since 2007, both candidate countries and potential candidates have received focused EU funding and support through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, or IPA. The total pre-accession funding for the period 2007-2013 is €11.5 billion. In order to achieve the objectives of each candidate and potential candidate as efficiently as possible, IPA consists of five components: Transition Assistance and Institution Building, Cross-Border Cooperation, Regional Development, Human Resources Development and Rural Development.

Civil Society Facility Partnership Actions

The objective of the Civil Society Facility of the European Union is to strengthen civil society within a participative democracy environment and culture, and to encourage the development of sustainable partnerships and networks of civil society organisations in order to contribute towards their increased involvement and ownership both within the Western Balkans and between the region and the European Union.

HerO - Heritage as Opportunity: Sustainable Management Strategies for Vital Historic Urban Landscapes

The HerO initiative, funded by URBACT Programme of the European Union, aims to develop integrated and innovative management strategies for historic urban landscapes. The main objective is facilitating the right balance between the preservation of built cultural heritage and the sustainable, future-proof socio-economic development of historic towns in order to strengthen their attractiveness and competitiveness.

EEIG “A Soul for Europe”

The "A Soul for Europe" Initiative includes leading European politicians and decision-makers from all areas of society, resulting in the launch of joint discussions and campaigns. At the very heart of the "A Soul for Europe" Initiative is the Strategy Group: 55 civil society actors from 21 countries from the areas of culture, politics, business, research and media. The Strategy Group is responsible for the conceptual development and dissemination of the idea of "A Soul for Europe" through projects and initiatives.

Mozaik – Community Development Foundation

Mozaik is a community development foundation that provides grants and advisory support for local initiatives of common interest throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. It focuses on local resource mobilization and sustainability of social and economic development through implementing a range of programs that support initiatives in rural communities. It is acting in several programmatic areas that are used as an incentive for community development: cultural heritage, inclusion/social justice and youth


ICOMOS is an international non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation of the world’s historic monuments and sites. ICOMOS provides a forum for professional dialogue and a vehicle for the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of information on conservation principles, techniques, and policies.


Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.


ENCACTC, the European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education, gathers together higher educational institutions and training organizations dealing with cultural management education and training. Established in Warsaw in 1992, the network counts over 100 members in 39 countries across Europe and beyond.

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